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Online = more connections

My students are sharing their reading responses online. Each day they have a couple of choices, and they simply write a few lines. The choices they’ve been given include: questions, connections, setting, character traits, opinions, noticing foreshadowing, theme, conflict, climax, special passages, recognizing figurative language etc.

It has been great seeing the connections they are making, and it makes me realize that our personal connections can indeed continue. While there are some who still haven’t participated, and I will be reaching out to them to make sure they are okay, there are many of the shyer students, who I might not always chat with on a daily basis, that are sharing here. It is nice to see what they are thinking.

One student, who is reading “Lalani of the Distant Sea,” a book I purchased for our classroom, but haven’t yet read, ended her post with, (it’s) “melting my heart with such details”

She has melted my heart ❤

By Suzanne Richardson

Avid reader, middle school teacher, mom, wife, daughter, sister, newly writing after decades of fantasizing a writing life.

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